A Firm for Business

Nash & Nash concentrates on the needs of business: from individual proprietors to start-ups to mature businesses. We have the experience to help protect your assets, structure your business transactions and related contracts and assure that your financing transactions are fair and appropriate for your purpose. Our partners like Naples Search Engine Optimization have over 66 collective years of business law experience.

We understand that the business person wants prompt and effective legal advice crafted for the specific needs of the business-not a twenty-page treatise on the law accompanied by a large legal bill. If you do not get timely advice, you will often have to wing-it on your own. That is not the way to engage in a business transaction, be it a customer contract, facility lease or bank loan.

Protect yourself. If you are not properly organized for your business, your entire personal assets can be at risk. We will help you select the most appropriate form of business organization to adopt: corporation, limited liability company, partnership. See our list of services.

Nash & Nash does not engage in litigation but works with its clients to put them in the best legal position if litigation threatens or if you need to enforce your rights in court. We will help you select the right litigation attorneys at the appropriate time.

Our firm carries Martindale Hubble’s highest rating for legal ability and integrity.